Feizy Launches Facebook Campaign For Global Charity

Feizy Rugs has launched a “Dollar per Like” Facebook campaign to benefit The Global Fund for Children so more vulnerable children can receive the protection and education they need.

For every new “like” received on their Facebook page starting today November 18th through November 29th, Feizy Rugs will donate $1 to The Global Fund for Children. This campaign is part of Feizy Rugs’ 40th Anniversary Celebration. The company has pledged to donate at least $40,000 to GFC from April 2013 through April 2014; to date, the company is well over half way to meeting their goal.

“We are inspired by the mission of The Global Fund for Children and are excited to reach the children who need us most through our partnership,” said Leah Feizy, Executive Vice President of Feizy Rugs. “We’re so excited to introduce our clients to this great organization’s work and donate to GFC on their behalf, and look forward to a successful campaign.”

The Global Fund for Children (GFC) scouts and invests in innovative grassroots organizations that serve the world’s most vulnerable children: street children, trafficked children, refugees, AIDS orphans. GFC provides these organizations with financial resources, management training, capacity building, and technical assistance to help them become sustainable and reach even more children in need. Since 1997, driven by its mission to transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children, GFC has invested over $30 million in over 575 grassroots organizations in 78 countries.

“We are thrilled to partner with such a philanthropic company and are so honored to be the recipient of their 40th anniversary campaign,” said Victoria Dunning, Executive Vice President of GFC. “With their partnership, we will multiply our impact and most importantly improve the lives of more vulnerable children.”

Please visit Feizy Rugs’ Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FeizyRugs and help them spread the word! Feizy is a member of the ORIA.

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