Nepal Earthquake Relief

To our members and industry colleagues:

As reports from Nepal continue to stream in, we are increasingly aware of the desperate humanitarian needs of this devastated country. In response, the ORIA has been working with organizations that operate in Nepal to determine how we can best help meet those needs.

Donate Now

The ORIA Charitable Fund, established a decade ago as a conduit for aid to rug weaving countries, is asking for donations. All money collected (minus the banking/transaction fees not to exceed 3%) will be earmarked to go directly to helping those who need it the most, on the ground in Nepal.

We are planning to support efforts such as (but not limited to):

Note: If you have another relief organization that you would like to earmark your donation for, please let me know and we will accommodate your request.

If you would like to donate to the ORIA Charitable Fund ~ Nepal Earthquake Relief, here are some of the ways to do so:

We appreciate your support. Thank you.

The ORIA Charitable  Fund is a 501 c(3)  Tax Exempt Organization,

IRS Tax Exempt # 20-1090669.