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Application Part 2:
Print and Send Code of Ethics with Application

Dear Applicant:

Today, more than ever, it is important for concerned wholesalers/importers and manufacturers of Area Rugs to speak with a strong voice on the many issues that affect our industry and our livelihood. Your membership in The Oriental Rug Importers Association will not only give you that voice, but it will also make our voice stronger.

Enclosed you will find a benefits package, fee schedule and application for membership in the ORIENTAL RUG IMPORTERS ASSOCIATION (ORIA). There are two types of membership:

Available to importers/ wholesalers /distributors of area rugs. In this regard, our by-laws provide as follows: “A proposed member shall have conducted business in the United States as a wholesaler/importer/ distributor of rugs in the capacity of principal for a period of not less than three years prior to application, in a manner consistent with the purposes of this Association.”

Available to those businesses that provide support services to the area rug import and wholesale trade (e.g. customs brokers, banks, trucking companies, etc.) Supplier references should be from companies which have extended credit to your company on terms other than CBD (cash before delivery) during the past three years.

Along with your application please enclose your company check for Membership Dues and Initiation Fees as listed below. Your check will be held as a refundable deposit which, upon approval of your application to The Oriental Rug Importers Association will be applied toward your Membership requirements for the first year in the Association.


One Time Initiation Fee $1500.00 $750.00
Yearly Membership Dues 750.00 350.00

Please make your check payable to The Oriental Rug Importers Association, Inc.

All checks will be held until your Membership has been approved by The Oriental Rug Importers Association.

The completed application, initiation and membership fees, and two letters of recommendation from current ORIA members should be returned together, addressed to the attention of:
Membership Chairman
Oriental Rug Importers Association, Inc
400 Tenafly Rd., #699
Tenafly, NJ 07670

The success of the ORIA is dependent upon the active involvement and cooperation of all its members. We welcome you and your company, and look forward to your participation in the activities and projects undertaken by The Association.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Association.  Your application will be forwarded to our Membership Chairman upon receipt.


Lucille J. Laufer
Executive Director