2013 Calendar Available Now From Shaper Productions

Paul Shaper of Paul Shaper Productions announced that 2013 Woven Treasures Advertising Calendar is ready for press. This ‘tried-and-true’ promotion vehicle promises to generate referrals due to its museum quality images and reproduction.

“In a world increasingly focused on high tech gadgets says Shaper, “a lot of marketing methods used 50 years have been forgotten but still pack a powerful punch.  That’s because of two reasons: One, they never really lost their marketing power and two, many people today have never seen it used properly before, if at all. To make a lasting impression on today’s sophisticated prospect, a promotional calendar has to go beyond ordinary. It has to be of such a high calibre and value that people will cling to it long after it expired.”

The good news is with modern technology, that kind of quality is very affordable. Paul Shaper Productions has been producing museum quality calendars for the area rug industry over two decades.

According to Paul Shaper, “The old world method still works beautifully. The calendars are like incredible works of art people just can’t seem to resist displaying. Many find the remarkable images and informative reference guide of such high value they hold on to them for years.

“Once they’re on the wall, your elegantly printed marketing message on the calendar acts as a gentle but constant reminder of your business. And it does it an entire year for only about a penny a day. It’s no wonder business owners who give these as gifts to ALL their clients and referral sources create business with them year after year.”

Orders for early delivery are being finalized now. To learn more about how affordable, museum quality calendars and other promotional materials can generate new business for you, contact Paul Shaper: paul@orientalcarpets.com or visit www.orientalcarpets.com.

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