AmericasMart Atlanta Establishes Home/Rug Floor

In a bold move to address the changing needs of customers, AmericasMart® Atlanta is rebranding Floor 4 of Building 1 by integrating home furnishings and home accents with area rugs. The new Home & Rug floor will unveil its expanded product mix during The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market®, January 9-16, 2013 (Temporaries January 10-15). Americasmart is a member of the ORIA.

Consistent with its maverick style and progressive business approach, Four Hands, the industry leader in lifestyle home furnishings, is paving the way by relocating from the Home Furniture Center to its new, expanded 12,000 sq. ft. showroom on Floor 4. Staging a preeminent lifestyle home furnishings showroom on a primarily rug floor is an industry first, and will establish Four Hands as a floor anchor while positioning it as a destination for customers.

“Retailers coming to market now want to see products across a wide variety of merchandise classifications. Their stores are increasingly carrying multiple product categories, so the one-stop approach reflects what they come to markets for,” says Jeffrey L. Portman, President and COO of AMC, Inc., the parent company of AmericasMart Atlanta.  “We saw that with the combining of the Gift and Home market dates with the Rug show dates, and now organizing the market along these lines is the logical next step.

“This type of endeavor fits perfectly with AmericasMart’s vision of innovation and total product integration,” Portman adds.  “We’re executing plans for the 4th floor to evolve into a lifestyle showcase with multiple home and rug product collections, and Four Hands’ move is indicative of their innovative spirit that has made them a huge success.”

Based in Austin, TX, Four Hands started as a small, independent company and has grown to be a powerhouse in the lifestyle home industry.  Known for delivering outstanding product, design, quality and customer service, Four Hands offers fashion-forward collections of upholstery, case goods, accents, lighting and rugs.

“Our recent expansion in both size and presence across the major markets has been a key focus in our growth strategy,” said Matthew Briggs, CEO and President of Four Hands. “It has been very effective. When the opportunity arose to anchor a new concept in Atlanta, we simply couldn’t pass it up.”

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