Feizy Debuts Haute Trends Collection At High Point Market

Feizy Rugs will debut their custom-created Haute Trends Collection at High Point Market April 17th at a champagne brunch, where market attendees can meet the designers and see their creations. The event is the culmination of a months-long competition among top design professionals to showcase their imaginative designs to the entire design community.

“This program was born out of Feizy’s relationship to the design community,” said Leah Feizy, Principal. “It has been incredibly exciting to watch the collection evolve over the past few months from hand-drawn sketches to renderings to tangible samples.”

Feizy announced the winning designers at January’s Las Vegas market. Michel Smith Boyd, Julia Buckingham, Kerrie Kelly and Jackie Von Tobel are each contributing two designs to the collection.

“Each designer has their own unique style,” said Feizy. “The result is a complete collection that is fresh and unique. We look forward to sharing it with everyone at High Point, and to promoting these talented designers to a wide audience.”

Feizy’s Haute Trends champagne brunch is Sunday, April 17th, from 10am to 12pm in the Feizy Rugs showroom, located at Market Square, suite 145. Media interviews will be available upon request.

The inaugural Haute Trends Collection collaborating designers are:

Michel Smith Boyd: Based in Atlanta, Michel Smith Boyd creates memorable spaces with his award-winning designs. Heavily influenced by the world of fashion, Michel’s spaces are at once elegant and unpretentious.

Julia Buckingham: Fusing her passion for color and her signature Modernique® aesthetic, Julia Buckingham’s sophisticated style marries her love of antiques with modern spaces and clean lines. Julia and her design firm are known for seamlessly blending the old and new to create unexpected pairings that delight the senses.

Kerrie Kelly: Kerrie Kelly is an award-winning interior designer and author with the philosophy that “Everyone Deserves Great Design,” a natural complement to Feizy’s ability to offer “Luxury at Any Price” within their catalog. The California-based designer and her firm are well known for creating spaces with a casual yet energetic vibe, and work both on residential and commercial projects.

Jackie Von Tobel: Award-winning designer, author and educator Jackie Von Tobel is best known for her art and patterns utilized on dinnerware, bedding and other leading products – all created from her home base in Las Vegas. Starting with traditional, romantic flair and design elements often inspired by her travels and art history, Jackie begins her work with a sketchpad and watercolors to give a fresh, fashion-forward twist to lend a timeless yet on-trend feel to every concept she produces.

Author: Sally James

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