Jaipur Living Introduces New Jenny Jones Collection

As part of its September launch of 44 Persian hand-knotted rugs, global rugs and textiles furnishings company Jaipur Living is pleased to introduce a stunning new collection with Australia-based designer Jenny Jones.  Reconnext by Jenny Jones features seven designs across nine rugs – each with its own fascinating back story. This launch goes live on the Jaipur Living website in September.

RJJ01 and RJJ02 Reconnext by Jenny Jones Levant

Levant is a traditional Persian handknot Jones says is a modern-day version of an antique Mamluk rug from the Ottoman Empire she was drawn to while traveling almost a decade ago. “Hand dyeing techniques give Levant an aged antique finish, really bringing the Mamluk motifs into the 21st century. I love the idea of letting these motifs, so steeped in history, live on in our contemporary homes.”

RJJ03 Reconnext by Jenny Jones Madagascar

Inspired by detail-rich recollections from four years Jones spent living in Africa, the Madagascar rug spotlights an extraordinary layered floral and leaves pattern.  “I fell in love with the richness of the paper bark textiles and the art of the Maasai people, which is reflected in the first layer of this design,” Jones says. “The Dhow boats would sail along the east coast from Bengal to Madagascar bringing a Moroccan influence all the way to Kenya. Madagascar depicts the beautiful layers of these memories — the animal print behind the rubbed back outlines of Moroccan tiles aged over time. Full of memories just like our lives.”

RJJ04 Reconnext by Jenny Jones Kokomo

Jones says she enjoyed creating the modern multicolor Kokomo rug “because my husband Den was a passionate surfer and a big fan of the ‘Beach Boys’. They went hand in hand in the 1970’s. The shapes in Kokomo evolved from the shapes of the longboards synonymous with this time.” She points out each motif is different, “with the intricate designs carefully hand-carved from pure silk… This rug is dedicated to my beautiful husband Dennis and the wonderful times we shared during his longboard days.”

RJJ05 Reconnext by Jenny Jones Byron Bay

“As a farmer’s daughter, a part of my soul belongs to our stunning land and the oceans that surround us,” Jones says — which explains how the Byron Bay rug reflects her love for the Australian landscape — captured in pure silk and handspun wool. “Copper earth contrasts against an ever-changing sea of steely blues and greys, topped by wispy white caps. As water glistens in the bright sunlight the heat reflects from the earth. Organic shapes and a combination of high and low pile heights create a textural interaction that calls to be felt as much as seen.”

RJJ06 and RJJ07 Reconnext by Jenny Jones Outlander

Classic tartan patterns spied during a holiday on Spain’s Majorca island inspired the Outlander rugs.  “At the time ‘Outlander’ was a huge hit on TV, which gave the design its name connecting it with its Scottish heritage. I carefully rubbed back each line in this modern tartan so that there are no straight lines — this attention to detail reflected in each knot.  I like that each line I see in this design creates emotions of joy as they bring back memories of these wonderful days together.”

RJJ08 Reconnext by Jenny Jones Kimono

In the early 90s, Jones says her family hosted two exchange students from Japan. It was during that time she developed a deep love for the rich and intricate culture of that country.  “Our student Shioko would show us exquisite patches of kimono silk, layered with motifs rich in Japanese culture and symbolism. Dedicated to Shioko and the relationship that grew from our time spent together, Kimono is a representation of my love for the Japanese culture and the love shared between distant friends.”


RJJ09 Reconnext by Jenny Jones Hamptons

“I wanted to create a design that would look fantastic in both traditional and contemporary homes,” Jones says of the transitional Hamptons rug, “giving a feeling of history to the new and creating a sense of subtle nostalgia.”  The designer goes on to explain how she “layered the design I call ‘Tree of Life’ with a second layer of motifs from the famous Ushaks of the 14th century, working with soft shades of blue and linen. The result is a modern day classic that works in so many different homes.”


Author: Sally James

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