Kalaty Introduces Newport Mansions Collection

Kalaty Rug Corporation has announced that the company has teamed with the Preservation Society of Newport County in the creation of a new collection of area rugs, the Newport Mansions Collection, based on designs from the grand historic homes of Newport, Rhode Island. The mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, are iconic American summer homes and estates built by some of the country’s wealthiest industrialist families in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is often said that the time and money spent in the creation of these homes will likely never again be duplicated. Eight hand-tufted rugs made of 100% premium wool featuring a luxurious dense weave comprise the initial launch presentation of the Newport Mansions Collection. “We were given access to a treasure trove of design elements to draw from—rugs, furniture, fabrics, wall coverings, ceiling designs and hundreds of other elements,” says Mike Kalaty, a company spokesperson. “Although our Newport Mansions rug designs are inspired by the decorative history of these glorious estates, we feel we have captured patterns, motifs and colors that are relevant to today’s homes and lifestyles.”

Kalaty Rugs is a member of the ORIA.

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