Kalaty Rug Corporation Relaunches Website

Kalaty Rug Corporation announces that it has redesigned and re-launched its website, www.kalaty.com. In addition to an entirely new and updated look plus a more user-friendly format, the company’s website contains a number of new as well as improved features:

  • On the home page, new and better visuals that announce news, special events as well as introductions.
  • What’s New section that shows and describes all the latest introductions.
  • Advanced Search functions that filter inventory by collection, size, style, color, weave or all of these. This user-friendly search function enables the user to more easily locate a specific rug instead of having to scan through the entire product line to locate it.
  • For the first time, the Collections section begins with a representative image depicting each rug collection. When the user clicks on a collection’s icon/image, all rugs available under that collection heading are immediately displayed.
  • Also within the Collections section, there are larger images plus more detailed descriptive information about each rug. Each rug is more accurately described including weave, materials, additional colors, if available, custom color ID, etc.
  • The ability for the user to forward a link of a specific rug to another person directly from the website.
  • An updated Rack & Merchandising section showing all merchandising options that Kalaty makes available to its dealers.
  • A robust advertising bank that displays all of the materials available at no charge for dealers to use for their marketing efforts.
  • Video section with updated content.
  • Social networking functions that delight and engage consumers, designed to drive consumers directly to Kalaty dealers.

“We have worked tirelessly to design a website that is both dealer and consumer friendly,” says Ramin Kalaty, a company spokesperson. “We are proud of the new look, and we feel that this new website is a reflection of the company’s direction forward. While it is important that we make doing business with us easier and more pleasant for our dealers, it is also important for Kalaty to reach out to consumers to demonstrate the depth, breadth and superior quality of our handcrafted, fashion-forward, eco-friendly product line. There is no better way to demonstrate this than through our newly updated, more consumer-friendly website.” Kalaty is a member of the ORIA.

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