Kalaty Goes Solar At Corporate Warehouse

Kalaty Rug Corporation announces that it has added an eco-friendly solar electrical system to its Hicksville, NY, headquarters and warehouse. “We feel a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint as a business. After careful study and consideration, we have invested in a photovoltaic solar electrical system to power our warehouse,” says company spokesman Farshad Kalaty. Kalaty is a member of the ORIA.

“We feel it is important to do our part for the environment. With this new solar electrical system in place, we are dramatically reducing the amount of ‘off-the-grid’ electrical energy we consume each year. For example, over the course of one year, this photovoltaic system saves the equivalent in harmful emissions of driving 72,500 miles in the average car and 2,204,000 miles in emissions over the course of 30 years,” Kalaty adds. “Or, you could look at the system as the energy equivalent of planting 825 trees per year or 25,080 trees over the life of the system.”

Kalaty Rug Corporation goes to great lengths to ensure that its products, manufacturing and warehousing methods conform to current sustainable standards.

The area rugs it produces and markets are made solely of natural fibers – fine wools, cotton and bamboo silk. With their recently introduced paperless invoicing option for customers and the new solar electrical system at its warehouse headquarters, the company has taken its green message to the next level.

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