Kalaty Unveils New Bolton Catalog

Kalaty Rug Corporation announces that it has produced an updated version of its popular Carol Bolton Vintage Rug catalog. The Carol Bolton Vintage Rugs for EJ Victor by Kalaty collection and catalog were first introduced in 2008. Since then, the Carol Bolton Vintage Rugs collection has grown substantially and has become one of the company’s most successful collections. The new catalog now represents the full breadth of the collection and will soon be sent to dealers. Kalaty is a member of the ORIA.

Kalaty's New Carol Bolton Catalog

Designed by renowned designer Carol Hicks Bolton, the rugs in this collection reflect Bolton’s discerning eye for color, texture, style and her love of antiquity. Like her renowned furniture and fabrics, each Carol Bolton Vintage Rug has the look and feel of an heirloom or an exquisite a relic from the past that is infused with qualities rarely seen in today’s marketplace. Carol Bolton Vintage Rugs feature 100% hand-spun wool and the expert handcrafting found in all Kalaty products. These exceptional rugs feature unequaled attention to detail through handwork, through finishing, as well as through the intentional hand distressing that infuses each rug with the antique qualities for which all of Carol Hicks Bolton’s designs are renowned.

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