ORIA Elects New Officers For 2017

On January 12, 2017, The Oriental Rug Importers Association held its annual meeting at Americasmart-Atlanta. The General Membership elected the following officers:


President:              Ramin Kalaty, (Kalaty)

Vice President:      Kami Navid, (Jaunty)

Secretary:             Hari Tummala, (KAS)

Treasurer:             Behrooz Hakimian, (Woven Concepts)

From left to Right:
Hari Tummala, Secretary
Kami Navid, Vice President
David Harounian, Past President,
Reza Momeni, Out Going President
Lucille Laufer, Executive Director
Ramin Kalaty, President

The meeting was topped off by a presentation made to out-going President Mr. Reza Momeni. ORIA Executive Director Lucille Laufer and In-Coming President Mr. Ramin Kalaty presented Mr. Momeni “The ORIA Presidents’ Plaque” to recognize and thank him for his service to this Association for the past three years.

Editors Note: Absent from photo is Behrooz Hakimian, Treasurer

Author: Sally James

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