RevitaRugs To Show At NYICS

RevitaRUGS, the premier Oriental and high end designer rug cleaner will be exclusively participating in the New York International Carpet Show from September 9th to 11th at 7 West 34th Street, on the corner of Fifth Avenue, and giving away a free Apple iPad via drawing to a designer or buyer who stops by their booth # 8, during the show and leaves a business card.

With New York City as the epicenter of style and world class tastemakers, NYICS will be the top destination for carpet buyers from around the world this Fall. NYICS launched its first trade show in 2005. Since then, it has become known as “The New York Show” and is the only stand-alone boutique trade show dedicated to designer quality, handmade and antique rugs in Manhattan. One of the key reasons the show has endured is due to the leadership of Dennis Dodd, founder of NYICS, who has made the show an ideal venue to reach high end dealers and buyers. RevitaRUGS

RevitaRUGS started in Italy, where handmade rugs were the staple of every stylish home. In order to preserve the fine quality of these rugs and insure the health and safety of their owners, the company’s founder Hamid Zarei developed a new way to care for antique rugs. Utilizing an innovative technology that restores life and vitality to rugs with ultra-purified water and pure organic additives, Zarei’s method even handles the most delicate silk, Persian, and Orientals with ease. RevitaRUGS not only cleans but also revitalizes/restores rugs, purging them of dirt, bacteria, dust mites, allergens, stains, odors and chemicals, and removes the toxic residue left by previous rug cleaners.

Hamid Zarei, the founder and owner of RevitaRUGS, and Azita Goldman, VP Business Development, are enthusiastic about bringing this knowledge and expertise to the New York International Carpet Show. “The merchants who are buying at NYICS are our end users. We’re also eager to introduce Revita to the interior designers and architects who will be there,” Azita Goldman commented.

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