Ryan Higgins Made Partner At Tamarian Carpets

August 14, 2011 — After 15 years of dedicated service, Ryan Higgins was officially made Partner in Tamarian Carpets. Higgins and Cibor have long been a stalwart pair, overseeing the steady growth of Tamarian to their status today as the top US importer of Tibetan rugs. Cibor long ago found a dedicated colleague in Higgins and has relied on his skills, hard work, and strong relationships with clients to help build business and manage an ever growing company that continues to dominate the market. By making this partnership “official”, Tamarian has insured the future and sowed the seeds of growth and continued success. Higgins writes,

Ryan Higgins & Steve Cibor of Tamarian

“I thank Steve, all our employees, clients and industry friends. All of you have either been guiding forces, or the backs on which I stand. I truly am humbled by the trust put into my efforts, and look forward to the long term growth and stability of our company and relationships.”


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