Samad Forms New Rug Company

Samad, of East Rutherford, New Jersey, and S. N. Kapoor, of Jaipur, India, announce the formation of a new trans-world rug company, Nexus Rugs. Samad is a member of the ORIA.

Nexus Rugs combines into one powerful company the skills of a venerable hand-knotted rug manufacturer in India, the marketing and distribution force of a leading North American importer together with their collective and enviable design capabilities. The logic behind this Samad / S. N. Kapoor joint-venture is simple: as access to skilled weavers in India becomes more constrained, rug importers require absolutely reliable sources. Simultaneously, uncertainties in European and North American markets force capable rug producers to be increasingly selective in engaging with rug importers.  By collaborating, the strengths of two great firms combine to benefit both companies, as well as rug retailers and their clients. The fullest cooperation and focus is now guaranteed in developing and producing fine collections and directing products to optimum consumer markets.  In this way, sensibilities honed through generations of experience support mutual cooperation, shared vision, and capacities to respond quickly to shifting market needs.

Headquartered in Jaipur, S. N. Kapoor began working with Samad in 1995, producing a series of award-winning collections. Operating from their building in East Rutherford, Samad combines a consistently high level of creativity with world class customer service.

Only years of cooperative experience make a venture of this nature possible.  Traditionally, producers and importers sit at opposite sides of the table, bending toward each other as necessary or convenient, but remaining at a distance from each other.  By sharing ownership in one company, the “table” disappears and all aspects of engagement are mutualized, creating constructive synergies from planning stages on to marketing.  This vertical integration only works when all parties are masters of their own specialties, as Samad and S. N. Kapour clearly are.

Hearing this announcement, James Opie, author of several Oriental rug books and a highly successful retailer and importer, remarked, “This news will attract interest from throughout our industry.  I congratulate the Samad brothers and the S.N Kapoor family for this historic step.  We witness a new and important development in the history of the Oriental rug business.  Global features of this new business merits their modern name, Nexus Rugs.”

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