Shaper Productions Releases 2012 Calendar

Orders are now being finalized for the second edition of 2012 “Woven Treasures” advertising rug calendar. It’s from Paul Shaper Productions, celebrating their 20th anniversary in publishing this unique form of advertising.

Rug retailers are now delivering the calendars to their customers. Some of the repeat customers include Sharians, Castle Cleaners, Landry & Arcari, Serafians, Kebabians and Essis and Sons who have their custom message imprinted on each month and cover.

Chicago retailer, Mark Allegretti of Allegretti’s, has been giving out thousands of “Woven Treasures” calendars for 15 years and claims…“We spend a lot on advertising and the results from my giving these out creates publicity and business. They work as I give it to those who have bought rugs or have had them cleaned as well as to business associates who refer me.”

“Wall calendars continue to be a leading advertising vehicle, why”? Asks Paul Shaper, “Because even in this high tech world, people are creatures of habit and love to display their interest on their walls. They offer at a glance, an instant view of their dates and appointments and it’s faster than fumbling around with the computer. Look around; you’ll see everyone has one in his or her office and home.”


According to Betsy Arnold of ORRA (Oriental Rug Retailers of America)…” the Shapers travel every year to the Far East to capture stunning photographs of the areas and the rug-weaving people. Every year a new calendar emerges, each more beautiful than the last.  ORRA has been ordering them each year as a beautiful gift to our members and to attract new ones. Many members order them each year and I highly recommend using these calendars in your marketing.”

The entire calendar may be viewed on their website, or call Paul Shaper at (800) 345-5420.

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