Shaper Releases 2014 Calendar

Paul Shaper Productions is finalizing orders for 2014 “Woven Treasures” the advertising rug calendar that is customized for rug retailers, cleaners and exhibitions.

“Calendars are scheduled to be out by the end of September,” says Paul Shaper, as customers have requested more time to build a marketing plan that includes web and social media. To support this development, Shaper now offers free custom calendar displays for web, social media & email.  The retailers/cleaners will then display their calendar on their web, tweets, & email inviting prospects to reserve their calendar or to stop by and pick one up.

A short entertaining music YouTube video is available to be posted as well, demonstrating how the calendars are printed.

For decades, Paul and Tammy Shaper have traveled to the rug centers of the world to capture the fascinating story telling images of the remarkable weaving cultures for their customers’ advertising…images that instantly communicate the value of handmade rugs!

The rug collection for 2014 features stunning antiques, recreations, and trend setting works of art! Accented with exquisite story telling images  “Woven Treasures” has proven to be the perfect affordable advertising gift that builds business.  Its beauty assures retailers/cleaners that their customers, who love rugs and appreciate their services, will proudly display their message 24/7. An extra bonus month for December, 2013 is added to the 2014 calendar.

Why a hard copy calendar in this age of electronics? No fumbling with Ipods or cell phones –  wall calendars at a glance, are still the most popular and the quickest way to access dates and appointments.

Joe Gable of Serafian’s of Albuquerque says, ” We have been building customer relations for 16 year now with these artistic calendars.  We cut back on other advertising and use our web and social media to offer it. We are so proud to give it out that we even have a calendar party.  We see direct sales as a result and customers and our associates refer us from them. “

According to Mark Allegretti of Allegretti’s, Chicago, “Every year we order over 2,500 and then find we need to reorder. We offer rug sale and cleaning coupons for our slower months.  Customers call us all the time for theirs!  At an affordable price, we get our name imprinted on each month and the cover. That’s unheard of.

Sold at leading museums such as the Los Angeles County Art Museum & The Textile Museum for $12.95, the calendar costs, at full custom prices, from  $2.40- $7.95 Firms can increase their sales from B2B referrals with these hard working calendars when they are supplied in quantities to affiliates who will then give them out to their contacts.

According to Fred Essis, Essis & Sons, Harrisburg, Pa, “The calendar reminds customers that we care and are here for them every day. It makes it easy for them to refer their friends. I have given out over 30,000 these past years and it’s the best, dollar for dollar, return on my investment.

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