Tamarian Announces Partnership With Label STEP

In a recent company memo sent by Tamarian to their dealer base, Principal Ryan Higgins celebrated the company’s decision to partner with Label STEP as real evidence that Tamarian “cares about the future.” Since taking sole ownership of one of the world’s leading importers of Tibetan rugs, Higgins has restated Tamarian’s Mission Statement that is in concert with STEP’s commitment to eliminating child labor, empowering weavers and workers, and fostering an environmentally sound production.

Reassuring An Established Fanbase

Tamarian has been a leading importer in the U.S. for decades and has always strived to set a high mark for both social and environmental responsible practices in rug production. The opening of their premier weaving facility in Kathmandu a few years ago launched one of the most modern weaving operations to-date; boasting large, open, well-lit working and living spaces that incorporate “green” architectural elements such as roofing that accentuates natural light and improves ventilation.

The dealers, designers, and end-users that have worked with Tamarian over the years know that the high-end quality of their rugs come from a production of equally high standards.

Tamarian’s Marketing Director Ned Baker states, “We are often celebrated for giving client’s a
‘great experience’ along with an amazing rug, which is only possible because we have clear lines of communication with our manufacturers and partners with good information flowing back/forth. This is not possible with a production that exploits people and resources. Our partnership with Label STEP is a logical evolution to assure we are genuine in our commitments.”

Label STEP’s managing Director Reto Aschwanded agrees, ““We are excited about the partnership with Tamarian and proud to welcome one of the leading Tibetan rug brands as a new member. We believe it will not only benefit Tamarian’s weavers and artisans but will strengthen the sustainability of Nepal’s handmade carpet industry.”


Author: Sally James

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