Tamarian To Feature Selfie Station At NYC Rug Show

Tamarian Carpets is excited to announce that their 2018 NYC Rug Show booth will feature a “Selfie Station” that includes custom Green Screen backdrops with various props and costume accessories. In addition to the release of a myriad of new product, Tamarian will also celebrate the social aspects of the industry and the friendships they have forged in 20+ years of business.

Tamarian’s National Sales Manager Chris Saliga pioneered this year’s enhanced booth feature as a way of encouraging the interactions of customers. Saliga suggests,

“Tradeshows are unique opportunities to have your various customers interact; share information, anecdotes, forge new friendships. This helps create positive business outcomes but also lasting memories and relationships that can be quite meaningful.” Saliga’s goal was to create “a fun, interactive booth that would break some of the monotony of the Tradeshow scene.”

Tamarian’s Key Account Manager Ned Baker adds, “We have always tried to be innovators and leaders in the use of technology in the rug business. Social media has evolved to become a critical aspect of marketing and customer interaction, with the ‘Selfie’ being THE most recognizable types of content in the world! This year we will help promote the WHOLE INDUSTRY by facilitating great images for everyone to share. People’s feeds will be ON FIRE during the show, we will make SURE OF IT!”

Tamarian will further enhance the theme by featuring images from Nepal for the Green Screen backdrop, giving attendees a “virtual picture of them in the Himalayas”. In addition to digital pics, 4×6 prints will be available as a memento. Early time slots have already been filled so Tamarian HIGHLY encourages attendees to make an appointment to tour the new designs, colors, qualities, and support materials debuting at this year’s show…and of course, take a selfie!

Author: Sally James

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