Tufenkian Establishes Matching Grant Program For Nepal

Tufenkian announced that they have set aside $15,000 with Mercy Corps, a humanitarian organization with long ties and deep roots in Nepal. According to a company statement, “The earthquake in Nepal has been truly tragic. The loss of life, and even more, the loss of way-of-life for perhaps millions of its people whose villages and homes have been wiped away is hard to fathom. With so much of our production taking place in Nepal, this tragedy has deep significance to Tufenkian. We are thankful to report that we have suffered no loss of human life in our work places, and although our facilities are for the most part undamaged as well, we would like to take this opportunity to help the thousands who were less fortunate.

” To contribute and take advantage of the matching funds program, please go to...

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New Collections Introduced at Tufenkian

New York, NY–August 9, 2011 TUFENKIAN has introduced the Traditional and Arts & Crafts Collections. Freely drawn, highly textured, gently striated, Tufenkian Traditional and Arts & Crafts carpets recall timeless Middle Eastern and late nineteenth century American themes while infusing them with new vitality. Archetypal elements are extracted from period pieces, then abstracted, re-scaled, and recombined. They are all handmade in Nepal with Tibetan Wool. For more, visit...

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